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Lolita Topsites

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 08:42:29 +1000From: iarwain7 Subject: Double The Trouble. Chapter 26.This story is dedicated to Tim Mead and Mickey S for their friendship,interest and encouragement over the years.Story Description: Peter, a sixteen year old Year Eleven student, finds hisnew High School very different to the one he left. The people aredifferent and some of the happenings are very different.The team has a meeting.Usual Disclaimer: If you are not 18 years old yet do not read.If you are offended by male to male sexual content definitely do not read.If the laws in your state or county forbid this type of material, do not read.Otherwise enjoy the story and genuine comments will be appreciated.The author retains copyright (2006) to this story. Reproducing this storyfor distribution without the author's permission is a Lolita Topsites violation of thatcopyright.This story is fiction.Thank you Nifty for the opportunity to post this story.Chapter 26. ---Sunday was a good day. They left Matthew's place in the morning and droveto a reserve in the country which had a cave where a famous bushrangercalled Captain Moonlight used to hide when the troopers and police weresearching for him. They climbed the giant granite lookout points andexplored the boulder strewn ridge. The cave itself was really a big splitin the rocks and the entrance was so well hidden it was a wonder anyoneever found it. Brent dropped them at Peter's place saying he'd had thebest weekend ever and hoping they could do something like it another time.Beth gave them the biggest hugs and sat between them while they had to telltheir exploits."But what about yesterday? Rob told me you're starting a nudist colony!"They went through a sanitised version, but Peter had a suspicion she'dalready heard Rob's version, which included everything except the bonershows."Peter! You're such a troublemaker! Leading your friends into such anembarrassing situation! How did Brent cope with it?""Brent? Mum, he loved it! He was joking with those kids and had themlaughing. He put on his Mr Hyde act didn't he Matthew?""Peter's right Beth. He's been quiet lately but he likes adventures likethat."After tea Matthew spent over an hour with Beth at the new notebookcomputer, loading software and copying data files from the desktop. Peterwas getting good at that stuff himself now, and after watching Matthew heknew he'd be able to keep everything up to date till Beth could happily doit herself. They started on physics but Matthew wasn't concentrating sothey stopped trying."What do you want to do Matthew? ""Can we go to bed?""At eight o'clock? Okay. That's a great idea. You have your shower andI'll get some snacks so we don't have to get up later."Peter went downstairs."We're going to bed Mum. Matthew's worrying about tomorrow. I think heneeds lots of hugs.""Well you give him a hundred from me, and a hundred from Rob."Peter received a brief but very special hug of his own."I'll peek in to say goodnight at ten Peter."Peter rushed back upstairs to get to the bathroom before Matthew finishedhis shower and only just made it."Hey! You're not allowed to go till you rub my back.""Well you have to get undressed first don't you?""Not when I can't wait I don't."In he went, shirt, shorts, jocks and socks and straightaway had Matthewlaughing at him."You nutcase Peter!""I don't see why. My clothes want you to wash them too. Come on! Lolita Topsites Get towork back-washer."The tangle of two bodies in the enclosed space and the resultant problemsof trying to get Peter's clothes off kept them laughing, especially whenMatthew said he was jealous of the wet shirt which was clinging so tight."Turn round Peter!""What for?""So I can rub your back.""No way! I can rub yours at the same time if we stay like this."That was great fun and when they were out of the shower they had to cleaneach other's teeth and Peter made Matthew give him a shave."What? Am I your slave now?"It felt so nice being given a shave that Peter insisted on returning thefavour."Now! Slave boy! Give me a piggyback ride to the bedroom. No towels!""No towels? What if Beth sees us?""She won't see me will she?""Cheat!"Out of the bathroom, down the corridor and into the bedroom, the slightlydamp, double bodied creature made its way."Hey Matthew!""What?""This is fun! You can carry me round everywhere from now on.""Okay! We'll take it in turns. Your week starts tomorrow.""A week? All right. Dump me on the bed and let me look at you."Matthew twisted sideways to let Peter down, and they ended in a tangledheap with Peter complaining an elephant was squishing him. A complaintlike that could only be answered with extra squishing, and that in turnprovoked the highly exaggerated groans and squawks which would make Matthewsmile. That worked perfectly and the next stage was to pull him close in abig hug."Got you now!""Aren't I squishing Lolita Topsites you?""It's not squishing now... It's ..Um.. Interesting!"That made Matthew smile again and then they both went quiet."Aren't you worried about tomorrow Peter?""Yes, but it'll be all right Matthew.""I suppose! But what will we do if it's not? We haven't talked aboutthat.""You're a duffer! You worry too much.""I can't help it.""I know. I can't either. Give me a squeeze.""It's not like last year Matthew. We won't be on our own. Brent and Andyand Marty will still be of friends whatever happens.""I wonder why Andy hasn't told us what he's going to do?""Ha! I don't think I want to know. Except we do know about Kenny and MrLong.""I wonder who else he's been talking to? He hasn't said anything toBrent.""I reckon he said something to Mum. She told Mr Crossman she wasn't onebit worried about the team. She actually said to him it was the rest ofthe school that mattered.""Mr Crossman's on our side isn't he?""Absolutely! You should have heard him. He said he'd fight to make sure Iwas happy.""Fight? Wow! I wish there'd been someone like him at Banks Street."Peter wriggled underneath Matthew."What is it?""You're teasing Mr Long."Matthew slid beside Peter, and rested his head on his chest. Peter held itin place and started playing with one of the blond streaks of hair.Matthew's free hand made patterns as it roved round the parts of Peter thatwere in reach."Matthew, that's an even bigger tease.""Good!"They cuddled and talked, cuddled and talked, constantly swapping positions.Neither was sleepy and both were enjoying the gentle closeness of spiritbetween them."Matthew! Quick! Put some shorts on!""Shorts?""This isn't like your place. Mum's coming in to say goodnight."Beth arrived with drinks and a tray full of crumpets, honey and cream, thenlaughed when they disappeared in the proverbial blink of an eye, carefullywiped a smudge of cream from Matthew's chin, and told Peter he could makethem himself if he really wanted more. She left almost straight away,touselling Peter's hair, and giving Matthew a soft kiss on his forehead."Hey! Where's my goodnight kiss? How come I miss out?""Matthew can look after that tonight."Matthew did. Straight away and several times, while Peter watched his mumfrom the corner of his eye. She gave him a wink. God! She must becatching that from Rob. It wasn't something usual for her. The foodseemed to bring them to life, and after Matthew demanded the return of hisgoodnight kisses they started playing some of their personal games. Peterwas sitting on Matthew's stomach, writing his name with his finger indifferent places when he was startled by the laugh and the voice."I told you Marty! They never stop!"Sheba! Not again! And two of them this time! Peter dived for the sheetbut it was on the floor beside the bed and Andy's foot stomped down first.Oh well! Here goes with the stirring!"What were you doing?""Um... Writing my name on Matthew's chest.""Cute! We saw your light on so we thought you'd probably still bestudying, didn't we Marty?""Studying? Ha! Yeah!""So, what ya been up to Peter? How did that interview go?"That was his first question? Peter Lolita Topsites settled next to Matthew, making noattempt to cover Mr Long as that would definitely provoke some Lolita Topsites sort oftreatment."Really well. You know I like him. And mum thinks the same.""Beth likes him? I thought he might be weak.""No way!""So what else happened then?""We went out to the river on Saturday, and Brent slept over, and we went upto Captain Moonlight's cave today. What about Anglesea?""Mate! Marty's off with Amy all time and I'm stuck with the little bratbrother!"Peter knew he was stirring Marty but it sounded like there was lots tocatch up on."Hey Matthew? When's it my turn to write on your body?""Now or never Andy. I've heard about that green marker."Andy picked up the sheet and tossed it at them."I bet it's back on the floor in two minutes. See you in the morning.""You're nuts Andy!""My nuts? Marty's you mean! Wait till I tell you."They went on their way, Andy with a cheeky grin and his arm twisted upbehind his back, leaving Peter and Matthew also with large grins."What'll we do? Start locking the door?""What for Matthew? He gets so much fun out of it.""Peter Hall! You show pony! You like him catching us don't you?"At first quite startled at the thought, Peter could only agree it was kindof true.... The day passed too quickly. Robturned up to wish everyone well which was good. There was a surprise testin chemistry and that wasn't so good, because Lolita Topsites nobody, including Peter, wasready for it. Mr Crossman gave him the Lolita Topsites Charles De Lint book he'd promised,and that was excellent. And at lunchtime there was embarrassment as Andyand Marty heard all the details of the river adventure."What? They pinched your clothes so they could see Peter's boner? That isbrilliant! I wish we'd been there.""Andy, you would have been shaking yourself under the bridge too.""Still would have been worth it. Hey! I bet they'd be there if we wentback next Saturday. They'll go again for sure to see if they can catchsomeone else."They didn't talk long though and headed off saying they had things to do,leaving Peter and Matthew totally up in the air about the only thing theyreally wanted to know."Peter, I feel like screaming.""Um. They're having a meeting after training. That's all I know, exceptAndy told me to leave it all to him.""A Lolita Topsites meeting? Brent, he hasn't even said if we're meant to be there."Training was normal, except for nerves, and no one said anything or gavethem any unusual looks, which Peter took to mean that no one knew yet thatthe meeting was about them. Andy did talk to them when they asked, butstill hardly said a thing."Don't worry Matthew. Just do exactly what I say. Even if it feels bad.You too Peter."At a quarter to five there was a mass exodus as every guy on the team leftthe pool and entered the change room at virtually the same time. Andy tookabsolute charge and in seconds there were fifteen guys formed in one bigcircle, almost shoulder to shoulder. There was talk and jostling but thatdied away Lolita Topsites quickly and all eyes went to Andy."Right you guys! We're an ACE team. Are we gonna win this year?"Everyone yelled agreement. Almost everyone. Peter was too nervous. Theattention snapped back though, and when everyone was quiet Andy spokeagain."Matthew! Go outside!"He said it in such a strong voice, and when Matthew, under the mass ofpuzzled stares, quietly left the room, Peter felt so bad he took a step tofollow him, but just in time caught Andy's slight shake of the head."All right. This is the team from now on."Silence. Paul, one of the long-distance guys was the first to break it."Without Matthew? Are you serious?"No one else said anything. It was their question too."He's a queer!"Peter felt like someone had sliced his heart open. It sounded so awful theway Andy said it. Eventually someone laughed, and then a few others, atwhat must be yet another of Andy's cons."He'll cause trouble if he stays on the team!""Andy, get serious!Andy said it again and it was even worse this time."He's a queer!"Marty's hand had clasped on Peter's arm and he couldn't move. What?Before Andy said it? It was planned? Of course it was! It was achallenge not a statement. Realisation flows into Peter at the same timehe started to struggle away from Marty and he stopped and just stood.Heads were turning to him and back to Andy."So what?" - it was Paul."I told you! He'll cause trouble!"There was a more prolonged silence."You bastard Hillier! After the way he helped you! You Lolita Topsites can stuff thisteam! I'm going out with Matthew!"Colin, a quiet year ten kid who hardly ever said anything, was stormingtowards the door."You're a mongrel! You too Marty! Let Peter Go!"It was Brad, and Kenny and Justin joined him, as they collected Peter andescorted him out the door. Matthew was staring towards them, but as theygot closer he kept looking past. Peter glanced back and saw the crowd inthe doorway. Matthew looked confused and then disbelieving when nastycomments started to fly about Andy. Peter felt excitement explode, butknew this wasn't the time for him to say anything. Colin put his hand upto Matthew shoulder."Colin Miles you are one gutsy kid!"Everyone turned at the sound of the clear, strong voice. There was Andy atthe door, flanked by Marty and Brent, the three of them with giant grins."Matthew! I couldn't talk them out of it! They want you on the team!Come back in and we'll tell them what's going on!"Matthew moved forward, and everyone followed. They knew they'd beentricked somehow and now they'd find out why. The circle formed again withAndy's arm draped across Matthew's shoulder."Okay Colin. Bluey really is a gay boy and there really is going to betrouble. Just listen to this!"It took a few minutes only for Andy to first of all describe some of thethings that happened to Matthew at his last school, and how it was theswimming team who were the worst of all, and then to explain how they'd besure to pick on him at the comp."So, he knew we'd all find out about him, but he was going to the companyway because he didn't want to Lolita Topsites let coach or us down. Marty and Ireckoned you'd stick up for him and you all did. Colin's right! Exceptthey're the bastards! Not me!""Are you really gay Matthew?"Matthew nodded at Brad. The renewed silence was broken again by Andy."Yeah! And he's after your dick Brad, so you'd better stop swingin' itlike that!"Brad spread his arms as if to say come and get me and the laughter andcomments briefly centred on Brad. Wow! Andy had effortlessly turned itinto change-room joking."What d'you want us to do Andy?""We're going to shit all over them Paul! They won't know what's hit them!They've won every comp for the last five years and their heads are swollenas big as Phillip's dick! Hey! We'll call them the Dickheads from nowon!"The grins round the circle were growing."We've got two champions, so next week we're going to thrash their asses!"He held Matthew's arm up, yelled out "champion", then passed him across toBrent. Right round the circle Matthew went, every guy lifting his arm andrepeating the call."Big D.! Big D.! Come on Peter."Peter thought he was to be yanked round the circle like Matthew, but thatwasn't to happen yet. Andy was heading for him. What now? He could tellby Andy's grin that his time had come. Oh God! Peter's arm was lifted inthe victory salute but Andy said nothing, just held it till everyone waswatching, then lowered it and beckoned Matthew to Lolita Topsites take his place."Guess what you guys. Here's our second gay-boy. Peter wants you to knowhe's got it bad for Matthew."By now Peter had lost track at how many times there'd been a stunnedsilence, but this one was going to stay in his mind for ever. What was hemeant to do? Every face was staring at him, Andy, Marty and Brent withsmiles, the rest not sure what to believe."They don't believe anything I say! You'll have to show them Peter."Show them? This was freaky! How do you show you're gay? Was he meant todo something rude? A kiss, like for Marty? That would be too much infront of all the staring faces. Matthew helped him out. Wonderful Matthewslipped an arm round Peter's waist and instantly Peter returned the gesturewith a quick hug. A few of the faces were looking amazed but most of themwere actually smiling. Andy looked at Matthew and raised his arm in thevictory gesture. Matthew knew exactly what he meant, and lifting Peter'sarm, the champion cry rang out again. Round the circle Peter went, till,flushed and relieved, he was back in his place."Shoot Andy! What else are you going to tell us?""Nothing! Except this is a team secret! You all know what those dorks inDavid's class are Lolita Topsites like. We don't want Bluey or Big D. getting bashed ifthey find out."The whole team turned as one to look at David, who flushed, and promised itwouldn't be him who said anything. Andy finished by saying there was goingto be a team get-together at Marty's place on Friday, that Marty was gayand Phillips was a wanker. Except it didn't finish at all. The circledissolved but everyone gathered close and was talking about it all. Wow!Three or four guys shook Peter's hand, Lolita Topsites a couple gave him a pat on theshoulder and Matthew was receiving similar attention. Five minutes latereveryone was still talking but the questions showed how curious most ofthem were. Andy was a nightmare and had Peter embarrassed in seconds whenthe topic of King Dick came up."Of course he's still King Dick Kenny! You love being mascot don't youPeter?"What else could Peter do but agree?"See! It's perfect for him. He likes Lolita Topsites getting a boner even if he's stillshy about it. The more you guys yank it for him the happier he'll be."Andy was getting the laughs he wanted and Peter left for his shower. Therewas another cheer and Peter Lolita Topsites turned to see Colin being carried on Andy andMarty's shoulders. The poor guy looked totally embarrassed as a new cryrang around the room."Gutsy! Gutsy!"Peter and Matthew dressed then waited outside for Andy, Marty, and Brad.Peter wanted to give Matthew the biggest hug but he held back."Jeez Peter! What happened when Andy sent me out? Did he send them crazyor something?""It was armageddon Matthew! That's what I thought Lolita Topsites anyway."Armageddon was an in word between them at the moment from one of the booksthey'd read. There was no chance to explain further because Marty turnedup, and Brent, and walking next to Andy was Lolita Topsites Colin Miles."Yo Matthew! We're going to the mall."The mall? Well the maths coaching was off, which was pretty sensible asfar as Peter was concerned. Brent wanted to bring his car but wasoverruled. They were together as far as Andy was concerned, so they allbundled into the wagon, Peter and Matthew in the back with Brent, and Colinsandwiched in the front."What are we doing?""Peter, I'm still shaking. We're not doing maths and that's for sure. Ithought they were gonna kill me when Colin set them off. Man, was I readyto run!"He was? He hadn't looked worried to Peter, and Peter couldn't reallyimagine Andy running."Andy? Why didn't you tell us what you were going to do? I felt likekilling you myself.""I know. I was watching, but I had to do it that way Peter. You wouldhave given it away otherwise. Did you notice how everyone looked straightat you? It was your reaction that got everyone thinking I meant it.""Well it sure sounded like it. You frightened me."Matthew slipped his arm round Peter's middle for a sideways hug."Will someone please tell me what you're all talking about? I still don'tknow.""Andy said you were a queer and kicked you off the team because you'd causetrouble. He sounded like he hated you and they got mad at him. Colincalled him a bastard and said he was quitting the team to stand up foryou. He stormed out and everyone else went with him."Andy gave Colin a friendly dig in the ribs."Yeah! You're the man Colin. You made it perfect."Colin just got embarrassed, which impressed Peter again. At the mall Andyshouted everyone to giant super milkshake kind of drinks and they talked itall over. Colin didn't say much but looked happy, though very surprised atsome of the things he heard. Half an hour was all the time they had withthe logistics of getting Brent back to his car and taking Colin and Matthewhome. Peter asked Brent in when they drove from school, then told him hewas staying to have a meal as well when it turned out he was heading for anempty house. They went straight up to the bedroom where Peter attacked."Brent Phillips! You knew all along what Andy was going to do and youdidn't say a word."Brent had succumbed to the attack and let Peter sit on him."Um. Would you argue with Andy if he told you not to say anything?""Excuses! Excuses! You're going to die!"Brent didn't look very worried."Brent! Want to wrestle?"The end of chapter 26.Author's Note.I hope you're gaining Lolita Topsites some enjoyment from this story.Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.My email address is iarwain7ains.net.auShould you be interested, my other stories can be found by looking under'Iarwain' in the authors section on Nifty.Contact me if you'd like to read the stories in their original Word format.Iarwain.
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